Patrick H. Wright – Former Marine Lieutenant

Meet Patrick H. Wright: Former IRS Revenue Officer, Former Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, Professional Tax Strategist, President and Founder of PHW & Consultants, Inc.

Mr. Wright is a specialist on The Tax Payers Bill of Rights and provides immediate relief and protection for delinquent taxpayers who are willing to come in to full compliance with the tax laws.

Mr. Wright developed his skills and insight while serving as a revenue officer with the IRS.  He received training in interviewing techniques, IRS tools of enforcement and investigative procedures. After learning and working the complex processes of the IRS, Mr. Wright felt his calling was to represent and serve taxpayers in front of the IRS. He is registered with the IRS as an unenrolled tax return preparer (CAF# 6505-54951R).

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  1. Fr Ernie Ross says:

    For those of you who don’t know Mr Wright, many of the statements in the videos can seem incredible. I can assure you, the videos actually UNDERSTATE the reality of relief PHW & Consultants, INC. can provide for you and your family.

    Having been a part of the planning process of writing mission statements and planning for peripheral needs and services as they inevitably arise, I have witnessed Mr. Wright’s commitment to the rights of the Taxpayer and the “Appropriate Amount of Tax” consistently permeate all that PHW brings to bear. Mr Wright’s commitment to his faith in God is the cornerstone of his business ethic. This is why he is trusted, and has been so successful these many years.

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