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Who Can Immediately Benefit From our  Services?

► Those who have a small liability (less than $10,000), medium liability ($10,000 to $45,000), large liability ( between $45,000 and $100,000) and taxpayers requiring our customized consulting plans CCP (liabilities greater than $100,000 and less than $1.5million) or high profile cases requiring Tax Strategies for liabilities greater than $1.5 million;  whether or not the IRS is calling you, sending you letters, knocking on your door, or leaving their calling cards.
► Those who are facing an audit without detailed documentation and receipts.
► Those who have a pending levy on their wages, business or bank account or lien placed on their home.
► Businesses, churches or non-profits  that have been scheduled for an infield or premises audit.
► Those whose cases are stalled or unresolved or who have huge penalties and interest assessed and would like a qualified second opinion.

LEARN HOW THE IRS WORKS…Before it costs you a lifetime of earnings
IRS has three functions: Examinations, Collections & Appeals.  Learn what each function can mean to your case.
► Why the IRS revenue officers are trained to collect funds, not to help you present your case.
► How to protect yourself from the many mistakes the IRS makes: often in their favor while avoiding admitting those mistakes.
Why the IRS routinely “codes” many conscientious taxpayers as unwilling and how it negatively impacts your case.
► Why the IRS often relies on fear and intimidation to force taxpayers into accepting their terms, conditions and unfavorable settlements.
► IRS’ long standing perception is the that taxpayers do not want to pay taxes and will cheat when given the opportunity to do so.

► Why most attorneys and CPAs do not have the critical information needed to keep from unnecessarily surrendering to the IRS, and how this actually hurts you.
► How to get the IRS to understand your case and actually help resolve it.
► Three  common  and costly mistakes taxpayers make when dealing with the IRS and the process to avoid them.
► How to know when to seek additional expert advice, and how to choose a tax professional.
► How to get immediate relief from your pressing tax issues including garnishment, liens and seizures.
► Answers to your questions.

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