Like other people testifying to the competence of Patrick Wright, I am an attorney. But I have never handled a tax case. I was a client, not a tax attorney. I had placed undue trust in a large CPA firm to do my taxes correctly. When I suspected that I might have paid more than I owed, I was put into contact with Patrick.

Professionalism is the hallmark of Patrick Wright. He took care to completely understand my problem, easily deduced that I had been paying too much tax for several years and quickly put together a strategy for recouping my losses. He put together a team to prosecute the matter. His meticulous planning turned out to be right on the money. Without going in to the details, suffice it to say that he succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. He soon recovered all the excess taxes I had paid, with interest, and recovered enough additional funds to pay his own fees and that of the team.

Patrick Wright knows what works. I can recommend him without reservation. – Jerry H. Jeffery

PHW Testimonials

For those of you who don’t know Mr Wright, many of the statements in the videos can seem incredible. I can assure you, the videos actually UNDERSTATE the reality of relief PHW & Consultants, INC. can provide for you and your family.

Having been a part of the planning process of writing mission statements and planning for peripheral needs and services as they inevitably arise, I have witnessed Mr. Wright’s commitment to the rights of the Taxpayer and the “Appropriate Amount of Tax” consistently permeate all that PHW brings to bear. Mr Wright’s commitment to his faith in God is the cornerstone of his business ethic. This is why he is trusted, and has been so successful these many years. – Fr. E. Ross

PHW Testimonials

I’ve been an attorney in the Central Florida area for the past 45 years and I’ve worked with Patrick Wright over the past 10 years – perhaps more so in the latter part of that than the earlier part.

I noticed two very good talents that Patrick has. #1 he knows “tax speaks”. And I define that as a way that the IRS communicates with each other and with representatives and with taxpayers. And it’s almost like they talk in a coded language.  You can’t understand what they are getting at, you don’t quite understand it.  As an illustration of that, I had an associate with me a couple of years ago.  We got a letter from the IRS, about a client, a taxpayer.  He and I read it and we looked at each other and said, “this is not good”.  And then Patrick came in and read it and he said “ah!! This is great!  And as it turns out, Patrick was right about it.

His second talent is; he is able to examine transcripts…which are your history of your IRS account, where they make various entries about things that they do on your account.  Patrick is able to examine that transcript. He understands the codes that are in there and understands what the IRS is trying to accomplish.  And what he does is; he comes up with an ultimate strategy to assist the taxpayer in getting those issues resolved. I likened it to a basketball coach.  You know in basketball, the ultimate aim is to get more points on the board than the other team.  Well, in an IRS situation, Patrick is able to just like basket ball coaches, have to change the offenses and defenses from time to time.  But they keep the ultimate strategy in sight.  Patrick is very flexible when it comes to that.  I have seen him in examinations situations with the IRS, where he is totally able to come up with solutions by being flexible in what he intends to do, in arriving at that ultimate solution.

Another illustration alone those lines, is that we had a very complex case. The taxpayers were assessed over a million dollars in taxes on a case that the IRS had put in the status of a fraud case.  It turned out that when I left the case, the last services that I had to do on the case, Patrick had gotten the fraud status eliminated and had gotten the people $192,000.00 refund and was working on more.  So, Patrick knows what he is doing.  He is good! – Ron Sims, Attorney at Law

PHW Testimonials

Hello my name is Derek Brett. I’m an attorney. I practice in central Florida. I practiced throughout the United States in both federal and state courts. I practice tax law, constitutional law and white collar defense primarily.

I’m here today to discuss with you Patrick Wright and PHW & Consultants. I’ve known Patrick Wright for approximately 10 years. During that time, I’ve represented Patrick; he was one of my clients. And subsequent to that, I’ve actually used Patrick as my tax consultant.

The reason I use him as a tax consultant is, because, unlike the larger firms that I see constantly advertising, Patrick’s philosophy; I believe as an attorney trying to represent his clients diligently, works better for my clients interest. He seems to have more of an impact based upon his own strategies, base upon his own successes. Therefore I trust Patrick, to provide my clients with the right types of tax consulting services.

As we know, the IRS functions on three different levels; the examinations division, the collections division and the appellate division. Patrick, can represent my clients directly throughout the examinations process. I’m not an accountant. I do not have an accounting background. I am a litigator, but in trying to delve into the IRS process, you need somebody who has been on the inside of that process and somebody who works continuously within that process. That’s Patrick Wright! That PHW & Consultants!

PHW Testimonials

I recently consulted Patrick Wright when I received a large tax bill with penalties on a business that I had sold 8 years prior. To my surprise the IRS had started proceedings to garnish current wages and put a lien on my property. They had submitted a de-facto return on my behalf and used it to determine my liability. I met with Mr. Wright and his team and within 48 hours they contacted the IRS on my behalf, stopped the garnishment proceeding and interrupted the lien on my property. They then gathered and submitted all the necessary proof to show that I had taken care of all my tax obligations before the sale and owed nothing else. They also got the tax issue removed from all my records. Mr. Wright has proven that he knows his way thru our current tax maze and that he is fearless in taking on the IRS to defend your rights. John Shirley, Business Owner

PHW Testimonials